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  • Bipol of HPP, 14104936
Bipol of HPP, 14104936
  • Bipol of HPP, 14104936

Bipol of HPP, 14104936

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Bipol HPP

Bipol - class STANDARD material - SBS-modifitsirovanny the built-up material with flexibility to -15 °C production of the TechnoNIKOL company. It is very favorable at maintenance of roofs with operation term till five years. If you need to execute urgently repair of a roof and you are limited in means roofing waterproofing material Bipol is a reasonable compromise between the price and quality. The favorable price of material is obvious plus.

At high-quality performance of work on laying of material it can be recommended for maintenance of roofs of housing stock where the guarantee for the performed works reaches till five years, we can point to the only nuance on which it is worth paying attention when performing repair work of soft roofs by material Bipol is a strengthening of adjunctions. At differences of temperatures during the winter period not high flexibility of material can affect in problem places such as adjunctions and additional strengthening of adjunctions will solve this problem           at what repair of a roof by Bipol will remain financially more favourably than, for example, - Izoplastom or Tekhnoelasty.

As minus can be specified lower physicomechanical properties and rather low service life.                Really more thinly than Unifleks, Tekhnoelasta and Izoplasta (except the material Bipol-XL). Big benefit can be reached when using the lower layers of a materi?? and Bipol in a combination with the top layers                of more expensive brands.

Very high adhesive properties of SBS-bitumens allow to build up Bipol practically on any horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces made of nonflammable materials (a cement and sand coupler, minplita, etc.).

Bases - fiberglass, fiber glass fabric and a polyester mat on the lower layers and fiberglass, fiber glass fabric and polyair on the top layers. Bipol is intended for the device of roofs with a small bias and waterproofings of the bases of buildings and constructions.  Roofing material to be stored on pallets.


It is intended for the device of roofs with a small bias and waterproofings of the bases of buildings and constructions.

Bipol HPP the lower layer on the basis of fiberglass.

  • for the vapor barrier device
  • for the device of the lower layer of a waterproofing carpet, when laying on the reinforced cement and sand coupler in combination with the top layer of Bipol of EKP, TKP or Unifleks of EKP, TKP or Tekhnoelast of EKP, TKP

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Country of manufacture: Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.01.2018

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Unbelievable price on Bipol of HPP, 14104936 in Rostov-na-donu (Russia) company OSB TehnoNikol, OOO.
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